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At Vietopia our goal is to provide a friendly, efficient, and uniquely Vietnamese dining experience every time you visit.
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Our Story

We first opened our doors in 1999 after immigrating from Vietnam to the United States in 1978. Since then we’ve continued to provide an experience you can only get with a family owned restaurant.

In the News

News outlets throughout Houston continue to recognize Vietopia as one of the top Vietnamese restaurants throughout the city.

Houston Press

“This Vietnamese spot ranks right up there with the best of the trendy Asian infusion palaces. With a sweeping, multilayered patio and curvy two-story interior sporting slow-moving ceiling fans made of palm fronds, Vietopia stands out before you even take a bite. The best deals are found at lunch, when a blanket fee gets you any number of rice, vermicelli or noodle-soup bowls, as well as several shrimp, beef and chicken entreés. All are good. At night, the elegant decor is enhanced with soft lights and a menu that includes lobster, duck, crab and prawns.”

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Houston Chronicle

“A good friend of mine is the new investigative reporter at KTRK-TV, Brian Collister. He has won numerous Emmy’s for his hard-hitting investigations, but come to find out, he’s a foodie too!

We caught up for a quick lunch recently at a spot over by KTRK called Vietopia, a spacious Vietnamese restaurant on Buffalo Speedway. Brian calls it his go-to lunch digs. It’s within walking distance from the station.

Vietopia is a bustling place at lunch, with plenty of dishes to choose from on the menu.

Vietopia knows its lunch crowd isn’t there to dawdle, so it’s an easy spot to get in and out of in less than an hour.
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JHV Online

“If you are familiar with Vietnamese food, then you already know that Vietopia is the best place in town to enjoy it. The menu is very large with many different categories, such as Pho – rice noodle soups (a meal in itself), Light and Savory Vermicelli, Chicken and Beef dishes, lots of Vegetarian selections and one of my favorites – Chef’s Specialties, which include Roasted Duck and Flaming Beef. Portions are huge, but you must save room for dessert.”

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A Unique Menu

At Vietopia we know how difficult it can be to find authentic Vietnamese food at a great price. Having immigrated from Vietnam in 1978 we bring our heritage into all our recipes. Here are some expect traditional recipes we offer:

  • Salach Cuon (Lettuce wraps of spiced chicken, shrimp, or beef)
  • Com Bo Luc Lac (Wok flamed beef with scallions & garlic)
  • Dau Hu Chua Ngot (Crispy sweet and sour tofu)

Or, if you’re a little more daring, we offer some of the most unique fusions in Houston.


"This was the first time we had been here. It was recommended by our other friends who we were meeting for dinner. The food is excellent. It is very flavorful, and can be spicier if you want. The dinner was enjoyable, and we will be back....."

Joseph F

"I have a special place in my heart for Vietopia. I've been going for more than 15 yrs. The food is always delicious, customer service always impeccable, & the owner is amazing - much respect for a female restaurateur."

Kimsu H.

"The staff is very friendly and the food is out of this world amazing. I love this place so much 100% recommend"

Abilene S.